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Welcome in the product data base of Air Trade Centre

Here you will find all technical documentation of our products.

Through the download button on the product file you can download the technical data as well as manuals, certificates, etc if available.

Use the product groups on the left side of the screen in order to look up any product. Thanks to the hierarchic menu, you can find your product in only 3 mouse clicks.

The format of the search function is the same as in our price list so you can find everything very easily. Through the product groups (A, B, C, …) you can define your selection in product sub groups (A01, A02, …). In the sub groups you will find a photo index of all possible product of that range.

If you cannot find the product you are looking for, you can use the ‘product selection assistent’. Also in the left down corner you can directly search on article number or item description.

We can offer you a wide range of products:


  • Louvred ventilation grills: including wall grilles, diffusers, slot diffusers, swirl diffusers, air valves

  • Valves and Volume Control Dampers: dampers or valves registers, constant volume controls, iris valves and all kinds of round dampers

  • Ductwork: spiral ducts and fittings, flexible ducts, plastic ducts, PIR panels and accessories, and various galva plates and silencers

  • Duct components and sealants: fasteners such as clamps, brackets, mounting systems, self drilling screws, mounting rails and mounting profiles, sealants and silicones such as tapes, duct accessories such as monitoring doors and cabinet profiles and accessories

  • Fire dampers and fireproof products: fireproof dampers, fireproof grates, fireproof valves, fireproof collars and fireproof strips

  • Insulation Products: insulation on a roll, insulation plates and insulation accessories such as insulation pins and glue

  • Filters: pipe filters, filter media, disposable filters

  • Fans and ventilation systems: duct fans, ventilation units, roof fans, centrifugal fans, PVC fans, axial fans, exhaust fans, fans for residential ventilation, domestic ventilation system C and Ventichape ducts, heat recovery units and speed controllers

  • Heat pumps, air conditioning and air handling units: split and multi-split units, air / water heat pumps, heat pump water heaters, air handling units, chillers, fan coil units, condensate pumps, preinsulated cooling pipes, ducts, air cleaning killers, dehumidifiers, humidifiers, heating coils, air curtains, control systems and actuators

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